If you have a choice for your operating system, I strongly recommend a Linux driven system! Not sure which Linux distribution is right for you? Check out to learn more about them.

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@charlie there are good beginners friendly linux distros. I recommend Manjaro (arch-base), ElementryOS (debian base, macOS-like), and Mint (debian base, windos7 like)

@relejek Yes, I agree :) Indeed those are good beginners distros for people who are looking to switch over to linux ASAP. Thank you for your input m8)

@relejek Most of the servers that I administer are Debian and on my personal laptop I mostly use Arch. I used to be Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer 20 years ago but shortly after Windows 7 I ditched Microsoft altogether for good ^^

Aye @charlie , I mean this is cliche, " I am arch user as daily driver" also, but mostly I recommend previously mentioned distros for new converts

@relejek @charlie Thank you boyos 😘 By the way I am using Elementary 😜 But, I was using Mint before and I kind of miss it now.

@relejek We've been discussing the idea of making a "BissiLinux" distro for the past year but we have not been able to reach a concensus of whether to be a stable "spin of ubuntu / debian" or a rolling release like Arch 🤐 Your input and ideas will be very helpful Jake. What do you think? Thank you.

@charlie there you have it Bissi seems like ubuntu/Debian person. idk how'd they feel about rolling release. Sounds like a headache for maintainers 😅 icbw

Plus I'd rather see BissiLinux in new age devices than say desktop. BissiLinux for VR. 😝

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